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"Only Support the Real"

Star B.’s exclusive interview with Freeway Ricky Ross

Check out Star B.’s interview with the Real Rick Ross. Read how “Freeway” Ricky Ross really feels about rapper Rick Ross, his plans for justice when it comes to his name and how he is giving back to our youth.

Star B: Good to hear you’re doing well but with all the media speculating that Rick Ross is being sued and that “Freeway” is just trying to get money out of the rapper and his label, tell us what’s really going on.

Freeway: Bullshit and more bullshit. I am pursuing it legally and we are being allowed to go forward with proceeding an appeal on the state case against Universal. The judge ruled on a technicality. I’m going to continue to fight. I’m gonna hit him every time he makes a statement.

Star B: Why are you so angry with Rick Ross for his use of your name?

Freeway: He participated in the very system that locked up millions during the drug war. Hundreds of thousands of young black men incarcerated with no justice and then he turns around and tells them to sell drugs and spend money frivolously and for that alone Imma stay on his heels. I’m going to make him do more than that. Imma motivate him. The whole story with his friend being locked up and the father of “said” friend encouraging him to go be a Corrections Officer, who do you know would even find that valid? If your child is locked up and you feel it’s bogus you don’t encourage his best friend to go work there, for minimum wage at that. He ( Rick Ross) is guilty of false statements all across the board. And this friend of his still has no name, he has never mentioned it. Give him a shout out if it’s true, something that says hey, you’re still relevant since you’re the whole reason why I’m here. Bogus!

Star B: How do you feel about the way fellow artists and the majority of the industry has reacted to your “Beef” with rapper Rick Ross?

Freeway: Listen, I know I’m smarter than he is and I’ve built a career on my own strength. These new industry people are taking irresponsibility serious. They show no support for the community, their bad for the community in a sense. They live the “good life” and do nothing else with all this power that has been given to them. Stopping by once every few years to show your face in your old hood is not giving back. Bring some food, give out some money since you got $10,000 to spend at the bar. I mean really? Where is social responsibility headed when you are readily paying a dancers bills but won’t help a struggling mother in your old neighborhood?

Star B: Very true and I agree. On a lighter note, you have a literacy foundation, why prompted you to go that route?

Freeway:  65% of minority men are illiterate. I was illiterate until the age of 28. I was told I’m dumb and would never learn to read and write. My goal is to help as many men, women and children as possible to learn to read and write. It is extremely important to me that those percentages change as a result of my literacy foundation.

Star B: That is awesome. I also hear you are involved in the hip-hop music scene as well.

Freeway: We got an album “Only Support the Real”. The plan is to drop those every 90 days. Straight out the trunk, no distribution. We are working with Warren G. for this and other projects and there is so much more, you’ll know when the time is right.

Star B: Why no distribution deal?

Freeway: I like the flow and being able to socialize with the people face to face. The media is biased, we are not. I may have someone from MIAMI weekly contradicting what I said and coming up with their own words. I’m just not going to do anything in the industry their way.


Star B: On a personal level, how are your children?

Freeway: All my kids are good. We have our ups and downs but we love each other and they are great.

Star B: Any lucky woman in your life?

Freeway: We good, it’s all good and she shall remain nameless.

Star B: So what can we expect from The Real Rick Ross this up-coming year?

Freeway: Work is my priority right now. I’m doing it all. I’m selling hair extensions because it’s a billion dollar industry and we are the biggest consumers but have hardly any stock in it. I’m touring to colleges and high-schools and doing some speaking to the younger generation. I have a movie deal in the making and a few other ventures that I am excited about.

Star B: Well Rick, thank you for your time and as always it was a pleasure. I wish you the best with all your endeavors and I’ll see you at the top!

Freeway: Anytime Ms. Star, anytime.

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